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Things to Know Before Buying Property in Bulgaria


You know well enough that prices in Bulgaria lean on the affordable side. Whether you are looking for a winter/summer vacation, or are actually interested in buying your very own Bulgarian property, you can expect a good bargain.


However, before you rush into it, you have to consider a few things. Following are some insider tips on the matter, which you will find more than helpful when buying Bulgarian property:


  • Don’t feel empowered – it is easy to adopt the ‘lottery winner’ mentality, as you suddenly see such affordable prices. Low values like that can play strange tricks on the mind. You need to keep a cool head about it and adopt the harsh mantra: cheap doesn’t always mean good. It is true that Bulgarian property is much cheaper than in the UK or some other EU country. However, it is all relative. You have to think about what the property offers, and not so much in terms of how little it costs.
  • Make the country right for your dreams – high prices can definitely put a dampener on your dreams. You may feel like buying cheap property in Bulgaria is the exact opposite. However, consider whether the country itself is the right place for you and your dreams. If you recognise this, you are in a good position to make positive changes in your life.
  • Cash offers reign supreme – if you are a cash buyer, you can expect things to move rather swiftly. In the process, you can also expect to save a lot of money, since cash offers generally favour the buyer. This is especially the case if you have a distressed seller, who needs the money fast. There are great opportunities for people with cash.
  • Properties may not be as liquid as you like – if you want to make an investment and purchase property in hopes of selling it later, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. You can list the property, and it can sit long periods of time on your agent’s books, and that is not solely because of the price, but the specifics of the market.
  • Avoid multiple owners – multiple owners means that the purchase of the property is subject to all of the said individuals agreeing. This makes things rather complicated, especially if it involves more than 2 or three people. Each one of them has to attend the notary’s office, and that is somewhat complicated.
  • Sometimes agency fees are disproportionate – even when the sale is of low value, agency fees can reach up to 5%, if you aren’t careful what agency you sign a contract with.
  • You can do without a solicitor – some state-licensed solicitors can represent you in the sale and purchase of a property. These government solicitors – notaries – inspect and oversee every transaction. Without them inspecting the deal, you cannot be transferred ownership of the property. As for conveyancing of the property – you can do it yourself.

Now that you know more about purchasing a property in Bulgaria, you can better make the decision on whether and how to do it.


Remember, at Excel Property Bulgaria you can find out expert advice on the matter. You need only call +359 878 919 292.

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Reasons to Consider Getting a Holiday Home by the Sea in Bulgaria


The Bulgarian seaside boasts more than 200 kilometres of sandy beaches and serene, clear blue water. Millions of tourists visit every year, not just to have a lovely holiday by the sea, but also inquire about Bulgarian properties.



Have you too decided to get a holiday home in the country by the sea? That is not a bad decision, granted the pleasant location and the beautiful country. If that is the sort of investment you want to make, you are definitely on the right track. Here are a few advantages that should reinforce your decision:

 Fine golden sand – the fame of Bulgaria as one of the destinations in Europe with the finest beaches is well-earned. The fame is earned because there are wonderful beaches with the most beautiful golden sand you will see on the continent. With fine sand like that, you will feel inclined to rest by the water for a whole day. Bulgaria is the best place to catch some sun and acquire that lovely tan you are after while lounging on the beach.

  • The temperature in the summer is excellent – with seawater getting as warm as 26-27 Celsius in August, it is not a surprise why so many pick the Bulgarian seaside for their vacation. Water with temperature like that is ideal for bathing and swimming in the sea. And the best part is that the season for summer vacation is super long – it starts as early as June and goes well into September.
  • Safe swimming destination – if you are scared of going out for a swim, know that Bulgaria doesn’t experience large waves and dangerous currents. Even if the sea is showing its temper, it usually lasts only a day or two and then it is back to a calm state. The highest risk is in August, just because that is the peak of the season and there are countless tourists on the beaches. Most of the major beaches have a lifeguard, so you needn’t worry about a thing.
  • Affordable pricing in bars and restaurants – what is a good vacation without some going out with family and friends? The thing about Bulgaria is that it is affordable and so you don’t have to break the bank even if you go out every day. You can enjoy great food and drinks for a budget-friendly price, which is unlike any other in Europe.
  • No dangerous animals around – forget about all the dangerous animals you have seen in other countries. The beaches in Bulgaria are a safe place and encounters with poisonous jellyfish, and other such are highly unlikely.
  • Nature is beautiful – one of the best advantages of Bulgaria is nature. Everyone who visits here shares the opinion that there are absolutely breathtaking sights everywhere you go. You can even combine a holiday to the beach with a relaxing walk in the woods because a large part of the coastal line is in fact forested.As you can see, there is every reason to get a property by the sea in Bulgaria. You will enjoy the lovely holidays and spend time in a great country.


If you are looking to invest in real estate, be sure to check with Excel Property Bulgaria on +359 878 919 292.



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